Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not Enough To Do?

Then come on over here! Eden didn't think I had enough to do, so she decided to get sick in her crib last night. I absolutely hate when she's sick, let alone, when she gets sick and we don't know it! When I went into her room this morning to get her up for church I knew she got sick the minute I opened the door! The smell overwhelmed me. Of course Lane had to go to work today and I had to deal with clean up and everything by myself.

It took me by surprise because she was totally fine yesterday except for a slight runny nose after her nap. But watch this video and tell me if you think she was sick before bed! NO WAY! She was in a spunky mood! Nugget didn't actually bite her, for the record. Eden was telling him no bite because she sat on him and bounced on him and he turned to get her off and he bumped her lip with his snout giving her an "owie." Either way, after sending him to his bed to lay down, she picked up on the fact that he was in trouble and was telling him so! She stood in front of him pointing her finger at him and saying "NO BITE!" over and over again, in addition to telling him "bed!"

All that to say, she was fine last night, except for in the middle of the night. Meaning I have extra laundry to tackle, and blankets laying all over the living room floors in case she gets sick again {I really don't want to clean carpets!}, and I have to clean the house before Tuesday! Oh, and Lane is SUPER busy because he had the last 2 days off {for no reason, and no, I'm not complaining because we got good family time accomplished} so I'm on my own with the sickie and the house...

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