Tuesday, September 27, 2011

18 Weeks

Today I went to my every-four-weeks doctors appointment. Because Lane hasn't left for SERE school yet and he basically has the week off he was able to go with Eden and I and we made a family event out of it. It was nice to have him there since he hadn't been able to make it to any of the appointments before today because of his work schedule.

The doctor was happy with everything she heard and measured. The baby was kicking and moving as she listened to the heartbeat. The baby's heartbeat came in at a whopping 138 {much lower than what Eden's heart rate was} Does this mean it'll be a boy?! Who knows! We'll just have to see what that ever-so-important ultrasound says in a few weeks.

My due date is still up for question - February 27 or March 5 - and the doctor is sticking to the 27th. I, however, tell people that I'm due on the 5th. Based on the doctor's due date, this was my 18 week appointment, but according to me, this was my 17 week appointment. I guess we'll get things settled down and figured out more concretely when I get to California and meet my doctor who will deliver Baby #2.

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