Monday, August 8, 2011

Pizza Night

Last week a friend of ours left for their next duty station, so Eden and I went to their house to go "grocery shopping." The movers will not pack anything that is liquid, and of course anything that is left over in the freezer or refrigerator can't be moved either. One of the things they had was pizza dough, and we took advantage of having the dough last night for dinner.

I spread out a trash bag on the kitchen table and let Eden play in some flour so we could press the dough together without having the dough stick to our hands. At first, she was a little unsure about playing the bowl of flour, but she got the hang of it. She loved being able to play with the dough, and she actually did a very good job helping me press it - when she wasn't pinching off pieces to sample. We used our hands and we also used the rolling pin that we have. She loved it! I was excited to figure out a way to have her help make dinner because that's usually when she's most grumpy.

We topped the pizza with pepperoni and cheese and tossed it on the baking stone to put into the oven. I turned on the light so Eden could peek into the oven and help me keep an eye on it while it cooked.

When I told her it was time to get the pizza out of the oven she opened the drawer that has the oven mitts and put one on to help me. She touched the refrigerator while I got the pizza out and then stood and watched me cut the pizza, all the while saying, "is-ha" to remind me that it was hot because it had just come out of the hot oven!

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