Friday, August 19, 2011

Say "Cheese!"

August 13 - My picture with our *dirty, dog-hair-covered* rug. The rug was the "inspiration" for the bird colors.

August 14 - Nugget, standing at the back door, waiting to come inside. This is the shadow I see every morning. Ginger's too short to cast a shadow, but she's standing there right along side him. They don't like the Texas heat any more than we do!

August 15 - Eden's pillow pet couldn't stand being washed 2 days in a row. She got sick 2 nights in a row and everything in her crib had to be washed. It was too much for the lady bug, so we had to say goodbye.

August 16 - I let Eden feed herself yogurt for breakfast. It was a big step for me, I don't like the huge mess! She loved it, so I gave in.

August 16 - She did a good job. She did make a mess, but she was happy and fed, so that was an accomplishment. 

August 16 - I painted Eden's fingernails and she loved looking at them! She noticed mine, so we painted hers and she sat still and watched the whole time.

August 16 - We also painted her toenails to match Mommy's!

August 17 - Eden loved her evening walks and her sunglasses were a hit tonight. She likes the "fa-wos" on them, even though they aren't flowers, they're starfish.

August 17 - What a pretty little girl!!!

August 18 - Eden got to paint for the first time today.

August 19 - We had friends over to play and we got out Eden's tunnel *which she hasn't seen since moving here* to play with. Big hit with all the girls!

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