Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome Home, Raiders!

One of my favorite things about military life has got to be homecomings. This week, Lane's squadron welcomed home 4 planes of men and women who had been serving our country away from family and friends. It was a joy to spend the afternoon with these loved ones as they anxiously awaited their Marines!
Addison waiting to see her daddy!
Ryder was only 6 weeks old when his daddy left.
Plane #1!
Addison and Ryder's poster.
Sarah and her husband found out right before he left that she was going to have a baby! She hadn't started showing before he left.


Her poster says "I love Daddy"
Hunter and Tommy talking with each other. They're just hours apart!
Here comes the coolest caravan I've ever seen! The planes taxi'd together and unloaded at the same time!
Sarah watching her husband taxi his plane into place.

Watching all the excitement.

There they go!
Josh soaking in his 9 month pregnant wife! 

She was so excited!

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