Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Last First

That doesn't always make sense, but right now it does. As I said before, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day like a lot of people do. Man, oh, man - I've seen pictures of today and people treat this like a mini-Christmas for their kids! Not in this family. We say, "Happy Valentine's Day" and move on. When the kids are in school we'll do something for class-mates, I'm sure, but this is no Christmas! I love you every day. You get things quite often because I love you. You might get steak tonight because I love you, but that's the extent of celebrating in our house.

I digress...

Valentine's Day this year is Hunter's last, first holiday. How sad?! I know, it means that he's entering a new phase of life. I know it means that he's growing up. I know that all of that is good. But NOOOOOOOO! Stop growing! Stop getting so big! Stop it!!!!! I took advantage of the moment and decided to snap a few pictures of the kids together on this last first holiday. I wasn't going to let it slip away in any way!

Look at that stud with his kisses all over!

 And Eden was giving out hugs all morning long!

But let's not forget her sweet, sweet kisses! She loved that I let her wear lipstick. She usually only gets lip gloss, so she got lucky today. 

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