Sunday, February 17, 2013

Motherhood Is...{7}

This week I am blessed by these 3 awesome people who made my birthday special.

This year I didn't get anything tangible for my birthday from Lane. Best part about it?! It was probably one of my favorite birthdays! Lane took me to dinner last night at the local brewery and then today was all about me. We went to Stone Brewery, had balcony seating and then we went to play putt putt - all while the kids were home with a babysitter. We went to play putt putt last year, and went back this year. We got to ride Lane's motorcycle since we weren't taking the kids along or dropping them off anywhere. We don't ever get to take the bike out, so it was a nice change of pace. It added a whole new meaning to be "free" for a night!

Today, Lane made my day all about me. He went for a run with me {not his favorite activity by any stretch of the imagination!} We went down to the lake that I run during the week and then went to lunch after. When we were done with lunch we went rock climbing at an indoor studio. Eden got to give it a go and Hunter watched with wide eyes as we climbed away for about an hour. My hands are feeling it and so are my forearms! It was so much fun to spend the day as a whole family on top of being able to have a night out last night. I was spoiled by this birthday and I'm glad we were able to be together for this one!

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