Monday, August 27, 2012


So, you saw the "box" that Lane took out of the bathroom. And I told you we had 2 more to do. Well, we still have one of the two to take out. BUT, {and this is a big but!} we've totally gutted the master bath and tore up the floors of the upstairs hallway bath. Um, yeah, because we had to take out the boxes! What were we thinking?! I know what we were thinking...these boxes are ugh-ly! Look at em'.
 And who thought it was a good idea to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall?
 This is the start of the day. Lane was just going to take out the boxes in the master and the hall baths.

The box is out, now to get the 2x4s out too.
What a mess! {Little did we know!}
I was running up and down the stairs to check on the kids, to help Lane, to take this tool and that tool to Lane. Poor Hunter wasn't feeling 100% because of a runny nose and he actually fell asleep in his bouncer while he was standing and while Lane was busting up walls just above him. He must have been tired.

 I'm still trying to decide why I thought I should give into the phrase, "The mirror is down, I don't think the demo will be hard. Should we just take out the vanity?" Sure, let's do it. Famous last words!

Where the side of the vanity used to be - sub floor.  Sad day. The tile doesn't go all the way under the vanities, so now we have to get new tile.
When Lane discovered that he could throw the pieces of the vanity out our bedroom window, he took full advantage. If we were going to have to do so much work we might as well have some fun and relieve some stress while doing it! We carried the sink down the stairs inside, but the vanity pieces were thrown out the window into a debris pile. Just wait though, I got a brilliant idea {thanks to a friend who's done it before} to turn the cabinet doors into tv trays! I can't wait!!

Eden had to help too. 
So, we found the tile for our bathroom, and it's very expensive. Our quick fix? Replace what we can in our master bath with pieces from the hallway bath. Please remember, there was nothing wrong with this bathroom other than the box lighting, so we simply ripped up the floor to have tile for the master bath. We needed 20 full tiles and had 3 that were salvaged from the master bath. There were 21 tiles that we could get from the hall bath. We got 10. If you're keeping up, we didn't have enough to replace the master tiles, but we also now have an additional bathroom that can't be used right now. Yep, good call Brittany and Lane!
 This is the current state {plus paint} of our master bath. We know what we want to do in the bathroom, but if we choose to complete the hallway bath first, we can get it done sooner. That being said, we have a bathroom that can be used for a toilet and a shower. Another bathroom that can be used for a sink, but nothing else. Eventually we'll hopefully have a complete bathroom again, and hopefully sooner than later!

So there you have it, we've been a little bit distracted recently. I hope that eventually {soon} we'll have a fully functioning bathroom. And when we have a fully functioning bathroom, maybe I can try to update regularly again!

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