Monday, August 20, 2012

Picture Post

August 12 - Lane tore out those awful "boxes" that surrounded the even more awful lights in ALL of our bathrooms. You can see the shape of the box {where there is no paint} and sort of, maybe, realize how terrible these things were. We have a little repair work to be done, but we won't do that until the electrician comes in and moves the light to be a more traditional vanity light above a mirror {we still have to take the current one out} to hopefully modernize the bathrooms a little more.
August 13 - Hunter loves the dogs! Ginger was mid-lick here, so she's a bit of a blur. You can tell they love each other!
August 14 - Eden bowling in our hallway from the kitchen to the garage. I've been saving those creamer containers for so long with this very idea in mind!
August 15 - Oh me oh my. When do baby butts not make me giggle  because they're so darn cute!? I still think Eden's butt is cute!
August 16 - The only place that Hunter wants to be in the evenings...OUTSIDE! He can cry non-stop inside, and as soon as we take him outside he's fine.
August 16 - Sibling love!
August 16 - How could I not get one of her by herself. She's just too cute!

August 17 - My new clock. My parents always complain because they don't know what time it is. I got them a clock that they can see from the living they need to visit again to tell me what time it is!
August 18 - Hunter's cute butt again. This time I was more excited to see his little toes while he was sleeping. I love when he sleeps like this. I took this picture of him on his monitor. I love being able to check on my kids with a video monitor! Makes middle of the nights so much easier.
August 19 - Lane tearing apart another bathroom. This time the mirror came down from the wall on it's own. We only broke it {right in half} when we tried to move it, which actually made our lives easier. Because that portion of the demo was so easy and we already have new vanities we decided to go ahead and demo the whole thing. Now we don't have our master bath to use...oops.
August 20 - I decided that I wanted something other than just pictures on our gallery wall going up the stairs. I've added a cross and this letter to the wall. The letter actually has portions of our marriage certificate and then gold paint over it. I wish I had used a spray paint so I didn't get the streaks on it, but I was eager to get it done, so I used what I had on hand.

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  1. I love your letter "D"! How about some DIY instructions? Maybe in another post?!