Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm trying to get back on track when it comes to posting so that I don't get overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I have to put up {and so that there isn't so much posted all at once when I get time to post.} I'm loving taking the pictures, and I want to be able to keep them to look back at when the kids start to get older. I feel like that's a constant battle that I'm fighting - my kids won't stop growing up! ha ha Enjoy our week!
July 26 - He's just too cute not to post!
July 27 - Eden playing with Hunter in my bed before we got our day started.
July 27 - He was curious and she was letting him play around and be curious all he wanted. She thought it was funny that he would grab her nose. 
July 27 - Taking a picture for Daddy to say good morning since he was out of town.
July 28 - Another morning in bed. While I was nursing Hunter, Eden reached over and held his foot. Melt my heart!
July 28 - Another "good morning" picture for Daddy!
July 28 - Morning hike with the kids.
July 28 - I couldn't believe the hill that I came upon with the new trail I took! At one point I felt like I was under the stroller to get it up, not behind it like normal.
July 29 - Hunter up on his hands and knees ready to crawl!
July 30 - He looks scared. I love how he's becoming attached to his tiger! If he's tired and I lay it on my shoulder while I'm holding him he'll bury his face into it.
July 31 - Eden laying on the patio pretending to be asleep.
July 31 - Eden and Hunter SITTING together!
August 1 - Eden got bumped by a swing at the playground and I didn't notice the bruises forming {above her left eye and on her left cheek} until she layed down for a nap. She got hit once, tried to stand up and got hit again. It all happened in slow motion and I had to teach her that if she gets hit by the swing again that she needs to crawl away from the swing and then stand up so she doesn't get bumped again.
August 2 - I got my hair cut last night and wanted to send a picture to my mom!
August 2 - This is how Eden picked up so I could vacuum. She put everything on the couch...
August 3 - Hunter doesn't like it when Eden screams! After she screamed and he cried about it any time she talked in a not-normal voice that was higher pitched he would cry. He also wouldn't let me put him down!

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