Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Boy, oh boy! In the past few weeks, Hunter has gotten really sick...after eating rice cereal. He had it when my parents were still in town, and then the next week we started giving it to him every night. He didn't have any reactions to it and he seemed to enjoy it. Last week when Aunt Nana was in town we fed him like we normally would have and he went to bed just fine. When he woke up crying I just figured he needed his paci. Well, I reached into his bed and he was laying in spit up. Or so I thought. I brought him downstairs to get some help with cleaning off his face - it was in his eyelashes, his ears, his hair {and of course we had just given him a bath that night} so I needed an extra set of hands. I also needed to change the sheets in his bed.

While I did laundry stuff and got things ready for Hunter to go back to bed he layed on the couch with Lane. He just went right back to sleep. No big deal, right? Wrong. He sat up and gagged and threw up all over Lane. As Lane handed him off to me he started to gag again, so I held onto him, but faced him out away from me and on the patio outside. I knew we were in for a long night. Eventually, he was dry heaving and only throwing up bile and I felt so bad for him. I hate when my kids are sick, but this was just terrible!

We took a break from rice cereal until last night and tried again. Yup, he got sick again. I couldn't believe it! Poor guy was so sad looking. He just put his head on my chest and dry heaved off and on for about 3 hours while I watched the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics. There was nothing I could do, so I just kept kissing his forehead and telling him, "it's ok," and "I love you," as he just stayed pitiful.

We tried cereal again tonight, and I'm still waiting to see how that works out. I tried giving it to him with a spoon, but he didn't seem to want it. I put the rest of what he didn't eat in a bottle for him and he was excited about that. He sat in his high chair and drank his bottle while I cooked dinner. As of right now, he's laying in his bed, so we've made progress! He hasn't gone this long without throwing up after having cereal, so I'm crossing my fingers that he sleeps well, and we all wake up feeling refreshed with no memories of vomit from the night before!

*both vomiting episodes have been void of any fevers and have been followed by days of smiles and laughter*

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