Thursday, August 2, 2012

22 Weeks Old

This week has been rough on me. I did the single mom thing over the weekend {and I'm thankful it was just a weekend and not longer like many are going through right now} and Hunter is starting to move around. I can no longer lay him on his play mat and go into the kitchen to do what I need to do. I can no longer lay him in the middle of our bed and go brush my teeth. He's rolling everywhere and trying to crawl, so there's no hope for me! If you see me these days and I haven't brushed my hair and my breath stinks and Eden looks like she's starving, just know that it's because Hunter is on the go. Things aren't THAT bad, I just have to get used to it and figure out how to deal with Hunter not staying put. He's starting to fight sleep a little bit more and this is very frustrating to me most days. He sleeps on his tummy, so when I put him down he just tries to crawl around in his crib. He eventually gets mad because he's not sleeping and he's tired. It's a total catch 22 and I'll be excited when he goes to sleep easier again. The good news is that as of right now, once he goes to sleep, he sleeps well! *knock on wood!!*

It is getting harder and harder to take pictures of Hunter for his weekly pictures. He's trying to get out of the chair, eat the chair, watch Eden, watch the dogs - anything! Most pictures these days are turning into "out takes" but I always TRY to find a few that are good ones.

And here are the ones that I consider "out takes" though they aren't too different from the ones above!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Eden's bed-head!
She was eating a plum from our back yard. I called her name to take her picture, and this is what I got.
Sitting big!

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