Sunday, August 5, 2012

Motherhood Is...{31}

Being Close
Part of the regression that I talked about in my last motherhood post has brought on a "Mommy, hold me!" phase. Though I don't mind, it can be rough when it comes at the wrong time - when I'm already holding a grumpy baby, when I'm cooking, when I'm walking up/down stairs, when I've got the car seat in my hands, the list goes on and on! Eden is also wanting to cuddle more and more these days. This I can totally do! My house is proof, ha ha. She wants to sit on the floor and read books and she wants to cuddle in my bed before we start our day. Before nap time she wants me to rub her arm, scratch her back, or play with her hair. She's my child - and a perfect blend of Lane in there too. I love when someone plays with my hair and every night before bed Lane wants his back/arm/head scratched to help him fall asleep.

Hunter is also in a phase that he wants to be close all the time. {I know, how did I get so lucky that both of my kids want to be held all the time at the same time?!} He'll let me put him in the swing or bouncer every now and then, but for the most part he wants to be held. Oh, but he's a cuddler and I love it. Eden quickly grew out of being a cuddler {until recently} and so I'm living it up and letting him stick in this phase as long as I can. I can more easily give into his needs to be held because I can put him in our carrier and have my hands free and he usually falls asleep. When he's in the carrier I can do just about anything!

I love cuddling with my kids and I love that they find comfort in cuddling with me too. Ah, snuggles, there's nothing better!

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