Sunday, August 12, 2012

Take a Look

This week Aunt Nana was here Monday through Thursday. She has lots of pictures of her and the kids while they were here, but I didn't take a single picture of her with them. Totally not like me, I know! We enjoyed our week with her. We took her to see Lane's plane, then had a whole day of staying in our jammies followed by a day at the safari park and dinner before she flew home. It was great to see her and I was happy to introduce her to Hunter. She was shocked at how much he's moving around already and kept telling us that "he doesn't look like anybody" almost every time she looked at him. We loved having her here for a few days, but it wasn't long enough.
August 3 - We went to a friends house for dinner because Lane was out of town {have I mentioned how much I love our military "family" because they always take care of us!?} Because we were out later than bedtime, Hunter passed out without nursing before bed time and slept through the night just fine. He fell asleep on Eden's bed while I was getting her ready for bed.
August 4 - While Lane was enjoying paradise {he went to Hawaii for the weekend...without me!} he kept sending me pictures. I decided to send him a picture and show him that while he was sitting on the beach I was doing "his" chores for him. I cut the grass and made sure he didn't have to do it when he got home.
August 4 - Hunter enjoying a day in the bouncer!
August 4 - When Mom was here, she trimmed my rose bushes for us. She thought she might had taken it too far, so I had to show her that they're loving it and starting to bloom again. I love our roses! Thanks Mom!!!!
August 5 - Trying to buy shoes for Eden's Christmas dress {because you  can never plan too far in advance} and I needed a second opinion. I sent the picture to Mimi and she approved!
August 6 - Hunter fell back asleep after his early morning nursing session. I love to snuggle with him.
August 7 - Hunter is getting too big for the cradle. I love that he peeks over the side of the cradle and  tries to look around. I've officially retired the cradle for him, bitter sweet for sure.
August 7 - Lane brought roses home when he got back from Hawaii. They were beautiful and they were still looking good days later!
August 8 - What a happy baby! I don't get many smiles like this when I go to get him up because he's a belly sleeper. I was glad to find him on his back because he smiled as soon as he saw me.
August 8 - We went to the Safari Park with Aunt Nanna and this is how Eden ended her day. She kept telling me that she wasn't tired, and all of a sudden she was quiet. *She doesn't have her shirt on because we discovered the splash pad at the park and I let her get in with her clothes on. It was a super hot day.*
August 9 - I looked at the monitor to check on Eden when I woke up. I was surprised to see her laying on the floor next to the bed.
August 10 - Carlos, Kyle, and Lane sitting on the couch together. They all went to TBS together and are all now reunited out here in California. Carlos and Kyle were accidentally dressed the same, so when Lane got home from work he made sure to be dressed the same too. Carlos and Kyle were watching the 3D Olympics and Carlos was trying to tell me that there was something "coming towards me" as I stood in front of the tv to take their picture. 

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