Friday, August 31, 2012

26 Weeks Old...AND 6 Months Old

We got lucky! They happened on the same day this week/month! How is it possible that this little boy was in my belly just 6 short months ago?! Half a year?! Oh. My. Goodness!!! This month didn't seem to fly by, and it was a tough one for us. All of us! Hunter was getting used to a new eating schedule that included baby foods. Foods were our biggest adjustment because we had to figure out why he was vomiting when he ate rice, but not every time. He seems to have a sensitivity to how long milk is in the fridge. If it's been in too long, it upsets his belly. His new schedule also includes trying to get him on a 3 naps a day deal, which there are days that he just doesn't cooperate. He's falling more and more in love with his sister, but he's also wanting to have someone around at all times. If I walk out of the room and he notices, it's all over. If Eden's the last one in the room with him and she walks out of sight, it's over. Same goes for Lane! My goodness, have we spoiled him, or what!!! He's moving around SO much and often gets frustrated. He likes to move on his own, but he's not quick yet, so he gets mad when he doesn't get to where he's going fast enough. Because of this, he'll lay on the floor crying until someone moves him. He's still oh so cute, and he's melting our hearts more and more! I love watching him develop into the young boy and man he will become!
Look at those Baby Blues!

 Yep, he tore his sign off the chair. This is going to get difficult in weeks to come!

 Here are the monthly pictures that are starting to be a total fail! He's moving too much for me to get quick pictures. I had to move the sticker from his belly to his back and back to his belly again.
This is the best I could get of him beside his tiger for size comparison month to month.
He sits so tall, all by himself!

It's like he's excited because he can sit beside his truck now and doesn't have to lay beside it!
Of course I had to have some out takes from the session. He is making it easier and easier to pick these because there's a lot to choose from!

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