Friday, August 31, 2012

6 Month "Photo Shoot"

We did 6 month pictures with Eden and I thought I could get some of Hunter from home and not spend the money. I'm not as happy with them as I want to be, so we'll be getting some done for real. Until then, here are Hunters pictures from his photo shoot.
I saw these online and decided to steal the idea. Since Lane is out of town right now and isn't going to be able to go to Georgia with us {when I'm going to have Hunter's pictures done} I'm just going to have to crop the paint job out of the background. The last one of these is just because I wanted a picture of Lane with Hunter since he was holding him. I love this idea!

Of course Eden wanted in on the action! 

Just about all of the rest of the pictures could go for some sort of photo contest I'm sure of it. Not the good kind, either! More of the awkward family photo type of contest! I'll try to provide you with the vocals {from Eden} that accompany the pictures because it makes them that much better!
Hunter, look at Mommy!
I'm all done. Can I go to the toy room?
Mommy: Just smile one more time please.
Eden: Hunter, smile!
You need to look at Mommy, Hunter.
{in her baby voice} What are you looking at. What's going on. Mommy wants you to smile.

After being told she could have a sucker if she just cooperated through the rest of the pictures, this is what she did. "Hunter, there's Mommy! Look! Smile! Over there!"

Helping him dance and flap his arms like a bird.

Over it. Both of them!
Leaning back against the couch. D-O-N-E!

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