Friday, August 31, 2012

Motherhood Is...{34}

This one didn't come to me all on my own {thanks Angela!!!} but it's so true. Sometimes the rejection can make me laugh, but sometimes I have to remind myself that Eden is 2.5 and it's what she does. I can't let her rejection break my heart. But oh my, if I did take it personally every time I would be lost! Some days Eden wants her Daddy and nothing to do with me. Some days she wants me and nothing to do with him. Some days she's independent and others she's not. Hugs one day, none the next. Today she leaned in over and over again for kisses and giggled at them, but tomorrow she may turn her back and not want any. I'll have to jump in and just take them, but she's not going to give 'em up! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in knowing that I'm rejected by my kids. Take a look at what my sister-in-law dealt with, and what ultimately inspired this post: "We were listening to a cd and M asked me not to sing; before the song even started!  But really, that's nothing.  A few nights ago, M comes into our room and wakes me with the request that I come snuggle with her.  I agree, get up, go to her room and get in bed.  At this point, M asks if Daddy can come snuggle instead.  I put on a hurt face and she says in a very consoling voice, "Aw, it's ok, Mama!  Here, you can have these flowers!" and hands me a small arrangement of fake flowers we had bought 2 days prior at Michael's.  Yes, that's right, my daughter actually sent me away with a consolation gift or a 'parting gift' if we were on a game show!  I couldn't get mad because 1) I got to go back to sleep in my own bed and 2) I found it very funny!" 

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