Saturday, September 1, 2012


I think as parents we're all naive and we all think our kids are going to be perfect because we can always do better than "that mom" with "that kid" that won't stop screaming at Target. In reality, I am that mom some days, if not most days. Why? Because if I need to get out of the house because I'm going to rip my hair out, Target is the place to go! I love to walk around, there's something for everyone to look at, we can just hang out. All the while, the kids are on their worst behavior {which is why you wanted out of the house in the first place} and everyone is staring. Ugh...

I was that person who would judge "that mom" before I had kids. My kids were never going to talk to me that way. My kids were always going to listen. They were always going to stay in the cart...on their bottom...buckled up. My kids were going to be the ones who didn't ask to take a toy home every time we walked past one. My kids weren't ever going to pitch a fit because {s}he didn't get their way.

Heh, yeah right! I now know. I was judgmental and naive. "Those moms" are trying their darndest to keep it together. They're trying to make sure that they keep their cool and get out as fast as they can because everyone else is judging them. They know it. But you want to know something, none of us are alone! We all did it before kids...well, before toddlers {I probably still judged when Eden was a baby and didn't talk back or do any of the above yet}. Now that we've been "that mom" we know! For every mom that I've ever judged, I'm truly sorry!

For the record, Eden is an angel when she's good, but when she's bad, she's baaaaaaaad! I told her today that the way she's acting makes it look like she's a bad kid and she's not. She needs to act the way that shows everyone she's a good girl because she is. I love angelic days, but man, I want to run far far away on bad days!

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