Sunday, September 23, 2012

Motherhood Is...{38}

Before we left Georgia, both kids and I came down with icky snotty noses and a sore throat. It was no fun, but we've all luckily recovered from it. The kids' noses were runny forever after we got home, so there was a lot of wiping noses and tylenol before bed in order to get a decent nights sleep. Both kids seem to be on the mend now. Everyone is sleeping well without tylenol and life seems to be "normal" again - whatever that may be! While we were coming off the cold, Eden was taking care of everyone to help me out. She would wipe Hunter's nose, her nose, and obviously Nugget's nose too! She was a big helper in announcing when Hunter had snot, when she had a "bubble booger" or when she just plain ol' needed medicine. When she sat down with Nugget she asked him to blow, and when he didn't she said to him, "ok, let's try this again. Blow!" and I think at this point he got tired of her and walked away from her. I'm glad to see that my caring nature is flowing through her too. She's such a "mommy" and enjoys taking care of Hunter and the dogs - when she's not too busy rejecting my ideas or opinions! {And do you notice the hair?! No more mullet!!!!}

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