Thursday, September 13, 2012


Our deployment "practice" is *almost* over! Yes, you heard me!!!! We made it! It was just over 2 weeks and Lane got to see the world, while all I wished was to see the back of my eye lids for more than a few minutes at a time! I did ask that he take lots of pictures while he was gone and be willing to add captions to some of them so we can have a look-sie since we were all left behind. I will say, though, that my passport still has more stamps in it than his does!!!

If you didn't notice that I was gone and didn't post pictures, you just wait! The kids and I flew out to Georgia on the 5th and came back on the 11th. We had a blast, but it just wasn't long enough. It never is though. Here's a look at what our schedule looked like:
Wednesday, 5th: Flew to Denver to fly to Atlanta. Almost missed our flight...ugh, that was a near disaster! Pop picked us up at the airport and Parker flew in later that evening.

Thursday, 6th: The Little Gym, Jazzy Beast {dance} class that Hunter came into also for the gym portion. Went home for nap and then went to get Eden's first haircut *tears were shed, pictures were taken!* Dinner with Mimi, Pop, Parker, Sara, Grandma, and Grandpa after her haircut.

Friday, 7th: The Little Gym, Beast {gymnastics} class that Hunter crashed again. Shopping for outfits for pictures. Drive out to Roswell to see Parker and Sara's wedding venue and Sara's dress *gorgeous* Home for a cookout with my high school friends, Dad made ribs *de-lish*

Saturday, 8th: {I woke up with a sore throat!} Hunter's 6 month picture session with Mimi, Pop, Eden, Grandma, and Grandpa. Sara {Sorority sister from college} came over with her daughter, Leah - 8 months old, for us to play and meet her. Eden got to go to Aunt Nana and Uncle Papa's house to play with the "Moon Cousins" before we had a cookout with family and friends for dinner.

Sunday, 9th: Chill morning with Parker and Sara before Parker headed off to go back to Virginia. *I cried! It was hard to say goodbye* Playground with Grandma, Grandpa, and Sonic *Hunter got to swing at the playground for the first time* Target run for last minute things for the trip home and Zaxby's for dinner.

Monday, 10th: {Eden woke up with a runny nose! Ugh, great for a plane ride...} We went on a walk with Pop. Played at the house, Sara and Leah came over again before my friend Emily {another friend from college} came to visit for a little bit. Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house to say goodbye. *All of this while doing laundry so we only brought clean clothes home*

Tuesday, 11th: {This was the first day since I started feeling sick, that I didn't have a sore throat or body aches. God answered my prayers and knew I wasn't going to be able to fly with 2 kids alone the way I had been feeling.}Packed the suitcases and the car to head to the airport. Varsity for lunch. Pop got a gate pass so he could help me through security and say bye at the gate. *I liked this because I didn't have time to get sad about saying goodbye, and Mimi was on a conference call for work, so that was quick too*

I have plenty of pictures to document *most* everything we did while we were in Georgia, but some are on my phone and some are on the camera. I will get all of the pictures organized and then I'll post about the different things we did and all the fun we had with everyone while we were on our whirlwind trip to see family and friends! We miss everyone already!!!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Georgia--but I agree, no matter how much time you have there, it's never enough! We were home for the whole month of December last year and it still flew by too fast and felt like we didn't get enough time with everyone!