Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Fall is here and that means I'm obsessed with everything pumpkin! I do wish it was a little cooler, but at least it isn't 90 degrees anymore! Well, not today at least...That is one down side about living in SoCal, we don't get seasons. Man I do wish it was slightly cooler, but I'll take what I can get - an iced pumpkin late from Starbucks...oh, and my cool new decoration for my house!

I had these blocks of wood laying around {from the "boxes" in the bathrooms} and I decided to take some spray paint to them and make a fall decoration. I love everything fall and I love that I can look at them and pretend that it's cool outside!

 I painted the one side with orange and yellow {I had both here already} to give it a softer look. I thought the bright orange was too harsh for a simple fall look. I had a paint pen, so I wrote "give thanks always" on the pieces of wood. I think I actually want them to say "always give thanks" now that I've made them.
 Eden loves them and has finally stopped messing with them.
When they're turned around they say "BOO" and I kept them the bright orange because it was perfect for Halloween! I had the feather boa left over from when I made my flight suit for the flight suit formal this summer, so I just wrapped it around the bottom to give it a little something. I'm excited to be able to celebrate fall in the warmth of SoCal while I pretend I'm in the cool crisp weather on the east coast!

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