Friday, September 14, 2012

Up, Up, and Away!

Eden has flown on an airplane before, but this time was different {for her and for me!} She really got to understand a little bit more that we were going to be up in the sky. She also got to piece together that we were flying in an airplane like Daddy gets to do! She was pretty excited about it. Not to mention, she had her own back pack, an iPod with movies on it, her own seat, and a suitcase that she could ride on while we were in the airport. The difference this time for me was that I was alone...with TWO kids! I never thought we'd make it out alive, but we did. The day we left also marked the day that Hunter is 27 weeks old. Because our flight was so early in the morning, I didn't get our traditional picture with the sign and in the chair. I did make sure to get a solo shot of him, and I did it in the chair as we were waiting to get on the plane. I figured it would be as close to the traditional as possible, but let's face it, leaving the house at 5am wasn't fun for anyone!

At the airport, ready to check our bags. The diaper bag is hanging from the car seat/stroller, Eden is rolling her own suitcase and wearing her back pack. The suitcase is hooked to another {and we checked both} and Hunter is in the carrier on me while I'm also wearing a back pack {I made sure to dress her in her brightest clothes so she'd be easy to spot if she wandered away. Luckily, this was a moot point!} We did it, we made it, and it wasn't too bad!
Hunter's "weekly" picture! Such a big boy, 27 weeks old!
On the plane and ready to go. Eden loved her window seat and Hunter slept the day away on our first flight.
Eden watching Beauty and the Beast on the iPod. Lane took the iPad with him, so she had to deal with a 1in screen to watch a movie on. She didn't seem to mind, so all was ok.
Hunter on my lap in the plane. He didn't care one way or another about the planes. His ears seemed to be ok, and he nursed, slept, and smiled for the most part.
On our flight from Denver to Atlanta, Eden wanted to hold Hunter. They were too cute together. I love when she wants to be a big helper!

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