Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Phone

It was just over a year ago that we got new phones. We loved them, but then everyone started raging about how awesome their iPhones were. Lane got an iPad because he could use it for work and I guess he just fell in love with Apple at that point. He called me up one day this week and said, "I have a surprise for you, you can come get it or I'll bring it to you after I get off work." Well, he wasn't getting off work until 11 that night and I just couldn't wait that long! My first fear was announcement that he was going on an upcoming deployment...I wasn't going to be happy about that. He quickly told me that it was nothing like that and the surprise really was for ME! Well, I'm the proud new owner of an iPhone and I'm loving it.

I tell you this to {brag about Lane} and say I'm lacking in my pictures this week. I took them...but I don't have service on my old phone so I can't send them to my email like I usually do. I'm sure I have a cord somewhere and I can upload them to the computer that way, but I'd have to go searching, and I've got much more on my plate right now, so you're only getting 2 pictures this week {in addition to Hunters' weekly and monthly pictures! They'll probably come in one post again.}
September 28 - Eden smiling so I can play with my phone!
September 29 - I told you I was excited about fall being here! Lane's sister has a hurricane vase like this and I've always loved it. I'm excited to have stumbled across one. I have no words for the excitement of changing the candy corn out and making it into a focal point on my table that's in the kitchen!!!!

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