Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's what makes us perfect, right? Well, of course not completely, but it makes us better at whatever we're practicing. We've been lucky as a family to not have to deal with a true deployment yet. We know it's coming, and it can't be too far away at this point in Lane's career. We're in the middle of what I like to call our practice for deployment. Lane's on a longer than usual road trip {and I asked him to take lots of pictures!} He's got spotty internet connections at best while he's out, but we're making do. He's been able to call a few times, or send emails when he can't call. A friend of ours is staying at the house as he waits to close on his house. Eden, Hunter and I are adjusting well, but since Lane isn't here, we've been taking lots of pictures to make sure to send him. When he can have an internet connection we might as well let him "see" us through pictures! It's been fun and it helps me appreciate the smaller things that the kids are doing while he's away. I'm sparing no moments and pictures are not lacking these days.
August 28 - I told you I would never get tired of him sleeping in my arms!
August 29 - "Hey Mom!" Look how excited he is about being 6 months old! He's licking the side of the pack-n-play.
August 29 - Mom cut back my roses and they've never looked better. Look at all those buds!
August 29 - Eden got to take her own list to the grocery store. She had a pen too so she could cross things off as we found them.
August 30 - Before Lane left town he and his friend Kyle {who is staying at the house right now} started cutting the tile for our upstairs hallway bathroom. Kyle finished cutting the tile and put it in for us. He said he's bored while he waits to class up for ground school {he's a jet pilot}.
August 31 - Hunter sitting on the patio at a friends house while the big kids play with the hose! I love his little chunky butt!!!!
August 31 - While we were packing up to leave our friends' house, Daddy called to video chat. His internet connection wasn't that great, so when we got done talking I sent him a picture of the kids.
August 31 - Hunter got to try avocados tonight! He's learning to love all the same foods we love already! Here's hoping he continues to like to eat good foods. He didn't like them to start with because they were cold and he's used to eating warm foods.
The last 3 pictures are our attempt to show Daddy our support of his college football team. He isn't here to celebrate opening day of college football, so we had to dress up in support for him.

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