Saturday, September 22, 2012

29 Weeks Old

We were in the airport for Hunter's 27 week pictures, and then getting back into the swing of real life again, I  let his pictures slip my mind! I did pictures in his diaper this week because we went up a size. He's officially in a "cruisers" diaper because he's officially cruising! How did it happen so quickly? Seriously, Lane left to go around the world {I'm going to try to get those pictures up this weekend!} and Hunter wasn't crawling and he wasn't able to sit up on his own. Well, before we even went to Georgia {so, before a week had passed} Hunter was able to go from laying to sitting. He did it just a few times and it almost seemed like he didn't realize what he was doing, and then all of a sudden...Yep, you guessed it! He's been laying down and sitting up all the time! He falls from sitting, he gets back up. He doesn't even seem to be too startled by the fall, which is good. Hunter is on the move, and he's fast! He's doing a true crawl now and he's putting one hand in front of the other. Let me tell you...he's quick! His toes are actually scraped up a little bit because he's now crawling around outside on the sidewalk. He just wants to move!

Just the other day he started pulling up on things. He's much better at pulling up to stand if the object is at his chest level while he's sitting. He isn't super if he's trying to pull himself up on something that is taller than him while he's sitting. Unfortunately for us, this means that the stairs are a perfect height. He hasn't mastered climbing, just pulling up, but knowing Hunter, I'll find him at the top of the stairs tomorrow and have no idea how it happened!

Lane and I have said many, many, MANY times this week, "I don't remember Eden being like that," with regards to so much - toys, food, emotions, anything! It is so true that kids are so different from each other. Hunter is going through a mommy-phase and wants to be the center of attention, and Eden never cared if I walked out of the room. Hunter seems to play with toys and not just let them be among him in the room like Eden did. Hunter doesn't seem to concentrate on picking things up and you could almost see the wheels turning when Eden used her fine motor skills to pick things up. Hunter loves to slam things down. He pulls his arm up straight over his head and then slams it on the floor/table/tray in front of him. Everything goes into his mouth! When I say everything, I mean every-thing! Dirt, grass, toys, dogs, shoes, everything! Eden wasn't that bad with this! 

Hunter has started eating more foods and I've been able to make them, just like I did with Eden. So far we've tried apples, carrots, avocado, green beans, and squash. He's also had both rice and oatmeal. He seems to like everything except rice cereal so far. He's a huge fan of puffs {sweet potato, banana, banana/peach} and mum mums {original and banana} and now gets an afternoon snack when he gets up from his nap. He still nurses about 5 times a day and is no longer waking up during the night. He's dropped his 2am feeding {a while ago actually} and will wake up anywhere from 5-7 to nurse and I put him back to bed. Depending on when he nursed he gets up between 8 and 9. I'm loving this schedule he's created for himself! 

Hunter loves giving kisses now-a-days. He grabs the side of my face and comes at me with an open mouth! I love these kisses, but love them even more when there's no snot involved. As I'm typing this, Hunter crawled up to Ginger with an open mouth and gave her kisses. We still have no signs of teeth yet, so we'll have to be on the lookout!

Now that I've written a novel to catch you up, enjoy some of his pictures! He's sitting like a big boy now!!!!

He didn't pull up on his own here, but he did stand strong and long enough so I could capture it on camera for proof!

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