Thursday, September 13, 2012


Eden isn't quite ready to start a pre-school, but some of her friends are going to school this fall. I figure it's a perfect time for me to introduce things to her this fall. She's getting really good at her colors {for a while she wasn't wanting to name them correctly, but she had enough that I knew she knew them. Plus, I could see the sly smile telling me that she knew what she was talking about, but choosing not to do it right. Ugh, 2 year olds and their need to control things!} Before we left for Georgia, I wanted to sit Eden down while Hunter was napping and let her do some painting. She loves to paint, but it's such a process and such a mess that I have to wait until I don't have Hunter roaming around while she's got the paints out. He's into everything these days, so there's a lot that we'll have to do while he's sleeping now-a-days!

Anyways, I wanted to do this for Eden mostly because she needs her "me" time, but also because I want to do some "school" with her. I worked on colors with her and also with letter recognition. I spelled her name and asked her to *read* it and we named the letters over and over again as we were painting.  I think she had lots of fun, and at her age, that's going to be the key to her picking up on things, so we'll keep it fun, but sneak in some learning things too!

"Tracing" her name
Concentration is beautiful on her!

I pulled out her Leap Frog letter magnet. When you press on the letter it sings a song with the letter song. "E says 'e', E says 'eh'. Every letter makes a sound, E says 'e' {and 'eh'}"

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  1. Liam has the same Leap Frog's great, but right now he presses the buttons over and over again, so it sounds more like, "E says E says E says ee, E says eh, E says E says E says...." haha! :)