Monday, September 3, 2012

So Mad

If anything that might be food, had food in it at one point, or is food gets left anywhere in the house and is left alone for 2.5 seconds, Nugget will eat it. No doubt in my mind, he will eat it. With Eden leaving snack bowls on the fireplace to go potty, putting her muffins down to go play, me running upstairs to go get Hunter when he wakes and leaving my chips and salsa on the tray, anything! Oh, and yes, Nugget ate the salsa out of my bowl - gross! Nugget also stood on his hind legs and picked apricots and plums off our tree outside! Come on dog, stop eating everything in sight.

When he eats food that he isn't supposed to, it isn't uncommon for me to tell him that he's made me "so mad" for doing what he's done. Today he ate Eden's muffins {mind you, it's only just after 8am, so we haven't even been awake that long.} She found the bag, because yes, they're store bought mini muffins, that had been torn into. She took it upon herself to scold Nugget in her most stern voice. She stood over him and she said, "You don't get my muffin bag. I'm so mad. If I tell you no muffin bag, you leave it. You make me so mad." I'm sure there might have been a few extra phrases, but these were the ones that stuck out in my mind.

When she was done scolding him, she took the bag to the trash and threw it away. After all was said and done, she picked up something and pretended it was a microphone. Today's concert is "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and it's the most beautiful sound a mother could hear at 8am! Hey, it's better than, "what's that?" "where we going, Momma?" "who is that?" "what's that?" "can I wear this?" "what's that?" "what's this?" in rapid fire! I think I'm going to go get a cup of coffee.

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