Friday, September 14, 2012

Jazzy Beast

I got the email from The Little Gym in Snellville announcing that they were going to open up a new class. Jazzy Beasts! Say what? A dance class that was parent/child and just for kids 2-3? Sign me up. Well, sign Eden up and let me play too. It was lots of fun and, as always, made me miss my own TLG kids from Virginia. I always wish there was a TLG closer to us so I could take the kids. 

Eden had a blast in the dance room. They did ballet and then they did a creative movement and got to dance big and small while waving a scarf. She thought it was awesome, and I loved watching her do something that she enjoyed doing. 

 Once ballet was over the girls got to go into the gym for the air track and some exploration. Eden had never done the air track, but loves bounce houses and the air mattress {that she's not allowed to jump on} at home. During exploration time she got right up on the beam and walked across and jumped off like she had been on it a million times! She loved swinging from the bars, and was just right in her element!

in constant motion, so he's a big blur

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