Friday, September 14, 2012

Ms. Linda

When I was a baby, Ms. Linda cut my hair for the first time. She also cut Parker's hair, and she still cuts my dad's hair. When I knew we'd be in Georgia and Eden's hair was long enough {and enough of a mullet} to cut, I knew I had to take advantage. I hope Hunter's first haircut can also be done by Ms. Linda, but totally understand if it can't since we're so far away. I was also able to push it more with Eden since long hair is more acceptable with girls than boys. Here's hoping it all works out for him like it did for her.

She sat in Ms. Linda's chair and did so well. She didn't put up a fight at all and was so good the entire time. She enjoyed it and was just like an old pro.

on our way!
requesting that Parker and Sara read Reader's Digest to her while she waited.
Before, with Ms. Linda

The first cut!!!!!

Talking to Parker so she would look down and stay still.
Done and getting her hair blow dried.

and curled.
When Linda cut Parker's hair for his first hair cut she had to make Mom and Dad leave the room because he was so hysterical. Of course the subject came up, so when it was his turn he did a great job pretending again!
Her pretty bow from Ms. Linda.
2 Thumbs up! Great job!!!

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