Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 3 - The tu tu I made for myself to wear at the Color Run next month. It's another 5k, so hopefully it will be a smooth run!
October 4 - Eden and Hunter cuddling on the couch for morning cartoons. Eden watches a show each morning while I let my coffee kick in!
October 4 - Melt down, ready for bed!
October 4 - Both kids at the same time! Mommy needs a break!
October 5 - A much better start to the day after the melt downs the night before!
October 5 - Love seeing smiles after the night before. Hunter loves swings.
October 5 - This is Eden's favorite swing. She can just lounge in it and not worry about flipping out of it - which she does on the others most times she's in them!
October 5 - Loves of my life! 

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