Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I seem to always want to freeze time for the things that the kids are doing and playing with. I got to thinking today as I realized how much I love and need my coffee in the mornings that I don't take time to really recognize the simple pleasures in my life. There are quite a few things in my life that make me simply happy. Yes, ultimately my family and my life in general make me happy, but there are those small things that can just make me go, "ahhh!" as I think about them. Just think about how you feel about clean sheets! Yes, that kind of happy! Is there anything better than clean sheets {except for when those clean sheets also happen to fall on the same day that you've shaved your legs...ahhh!}

Ok, here are the few simple pleasures in my life right now {and don't get too excited, they aren't that much fun...unless you're me!}

Ahh...the beloved keurig! I cannot tell you how amazing this is. And not just the machine itself {and each cup of coffee that is a fresh cup} but that little k-cup you see there? Oh yeah, that's pumpkin spice!
Ahh...My newest shower cleaning tool {I told you not to get too excited, ha ha} This is ah-mazing! I found the idea on pinterest and will forever be in love with it. We have hard water stains that we couldn't get rid of for anything. Nothing worked...until now! I filled this bad boy with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 dish soap and scrubbed away. Voila! No more hard water stains. Brilliant, and so easy.
Ahh...My clean kitchen! Yes, the counters are clear of clutter {for now} and everything is clean. The amount of bliss I get from walking into this room is amazing. I love a clean house.
Ahh...a clean laundry room! There's a top to the washer and dryer...and some counter space around the sink! Who would have known?!

I told you, nothing to get excited about unless you're me! But seriously, who doesn't love things to be clean. I hate the act of cleaning, and I hate the idea of cleaning, but the end result is so liberating. I love that it isn't hanging over my head anymore! I realized why it was so out of control too. We would normally be moving by now in our past life. Well, now we're staying put, so I actually had to do something with the mess and not rely on packing to de-clutter. Sad, but true. Sorry excuse, but it's the only one I've got. In the end who cares about the excuse because I cleaned and de-cluttered and now I can walk around and say, "ahhh!" when I walk into a clean room.

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