Saturday, October 13, 2012

Say Cheeeeeese...!

I've been having lots of fun with my phone taking pictures recently. I'm excited to have instagram on my phone. I waited to give in and I'm not too sure why. You can change the coloring on pictures and make backgrounds blurry. I'm loving it! Not all of my pictures are taken with instagram, but I've loved playing with it! Here are our pictures from the week.
October 8 - The most beautiful sight {especially when you're "living" in a hotel.} On the other side of me, Hunter was napping too! I guess taking them to the mall playground that morning did the trick.
October 9 - The day before, Lane and I mentioned that we noticed a dark spot on Hunter's gums and wondered if he was getting tooth. As we were getting in the car, I felt his gums where the spot was and discovered a rough spot! His tooth came through his gums. If you get your magnifying glass out, you'll see it on his lower gumline on the left {his right.}
October 9 - One of my attempts at taking as many "gummy" smiles as I can in the next few days before his tooth starts showing in pictures. It's bitter sweet to have a toothy smile on my sweet little baby!
October 9 - Hunter loves running water! He was pretty excited about getting to take a bath.
October 10 - Growing teeth is hard work. Hunter fell asleep while he was nursing {which he doesn't normally do} and being the softie that I am, I let him sleep. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I will never get tired of him sleeping in my arms!
October 10 - Green beans, peaches, and puffs for lunch. He's getting to be so big. He's not a fan of baby food anymore. He wants pieces of food, so that's what he gets!
October 10 - Eating lunch. Another attempt at a "gummy" picture.
October 10 - My house was picked up and vacuumed just a few hours before this picture. Who knew that 2 tiny humans could make such a huge mess! 

October 10 - I re-organized part of the garage and got out the rest of our Halloween stuff. I was excited to hang this on my front door. I think it was just what we needed because today we woke up and it was 50* outside! I welcome these temps and it makes me just a little less homesick for fall weather.
October 10 - I even brought more Halloween into the house. This is on our pantry door. 
October 11 - I finally solved the problem of naked artwork! I got 2 smocks at IKEA while we were in Burbank {because yes, there was even an IKEA within walking distance!}
October 12 - Yep, that's a our mall. And yes, it's a 2 story store!!!!!!! Who's excited about it?! This girl!!

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