Monday, October 1, 2012


Eden is smarter than I know what to do with. She's sassy too! Add the 2 things together and I've got my hands full. Smart and sassy...just too much for me to deal with every day. I'm trying to channel Eden's brains into something productive, so when Hunter takes his morning nap we've been doing something for just the 2 of us. I try to throw in a little bit of learning when I can so I can take advantage of her brains! On Mondays we go to story time at the library and if we get lucky Hunter naps while Eden is enjoying time with Mrs. Cox. This week we've done a few different things to get Eden to enjoy "Mommy and Me" time that I've created.

The first fun activity we did was to play with vinegar {with food coloring} and baking soda! 
 I put the baking soda on a cookie sheet and in a muffin pan. I added the food coloring to the vinegar and put them in individual plastic containers. 

 And then we headed outside because I knew this had the potential of getting pretty messy!
I let Eden have a spoon and pour the colors onto the baking soda. To make this a learning experience we talked about colors as she made "buzz" {or fizz!} I decided on letting her use a spoon because she couldn't transport much of the vinegar at a time, so it helped to make the activity last longer. 

 At one point the "buzz" was up over the edge of the muffin tin and she wanted to touch it. Of course I couldn't say no! She put her hand on top of the buzz and felt it as it fizzed away. I loved the curious nature that she showed me this day.

 Eventually she figured out that she could dump the she did!
 And then she also figured out that she could make buzz by putting baking soda in the vinegar, not just by spooning vinegar onto the baking soda. Very smart I tell ya!
 And Hunter slept through it all!

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