Friday, July 26, 2013

The Help

I love that Eden has been so helpful recently. Today, her helpfulness took the cake! Hunter woke up from his nap and had a dirty diaper. Not the dirty as in, it was wet. It was dirty! I took him downstairs to get him changed up and taken care of, but at some point got distracted by something. I don't know what {so you know it was important!} and then I headed back upstairs to paint the kids' bathroom.

Next thing I know, Eden is yelling up the stairs that Hunter "has poop pants" and I remember that, yes, yes indeed he has poop pants because I didn't change him 15 minutes ago like I was going to. Because I was painting, I had to get to a point that the paint wasn't going to be dripping on the walls and head downstairs to get the kid changed before he got an irritated bottom. {His butt can get a diaper rash in 0.5 seconds some days!}

Again, I hear Eden downstairs. She's telling him to lay down because he needs a new diaper. I was on my way downstairs, so I wasn't too worried about the goings on...until they were in view! They were in view and I saw that she was mid-diaper change! Um, what?!?! There was poop in that! Oh yes she did. She took his diaper off and was trying to wipe his butt...on my couch! Hunter sat up and she nudged him on the shoulder and he laid down. Once he was laying down again she wiped him and went to grab another diaper.

Oh. My. Goodness! My heart stopped and I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to yell and scream, "what are you thinking?! There could have been poop all over the place! You can't do this without Mommy around!!!!" but then quickly realized that she would never get the message that I do appreciate that she wanted to help and that she had the best of intentions. So, instead, I examined the area for any poop that might have come out of the diaper/off his bottom onto any other surface. There was none...whew!

I asked her for another wipe so I could make sure he was good and clean before getting a new diaper. After that I let her do the "one last wipe" where she made sure to wipe around his penis...her reaction was priceless! "Ew, Mommy...his privates..." with a look of slight disgust and the hand held out with attitude. I lifted Hunter's butt, she placed and secured the diaper, and we were done. Everyone was clean, my couch was clean, and I went back to painting! It's nice to have some good help around here!

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