Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Projects

Last year before Lane left on his around the world in September we decided it was a good time to demo the master bathroom {which led to demoing the upstairs hall bathroom.} I know, timing was terrible, but we did it anyways. And we were left with a bathroom that looked like this...
 After a year of small steps in the right direction, we slowly started putting things together in the master bath. We painted the walls the yellow that we wanted, we put up bead board on the walls, we hung curtains, and we even had the windows framed last week. They also filled the holes in the ceilings {from taking the boxes around the lights out} and I am totally in love with the progress that was made in just one day!
They're coming back to finish the big window.
Once the holes were patched I couldn't wait to get the ceilings painted. We learned after we started painting the walls in each bathroom that the ceilings were painted the same colors as the walls. They were terrible! I couldn't wait to make them white! Brown and butter yellow just aren't my colors...especially once I painted the colors I wanted on the walls.
The kids' bathroom.
Downstairs hall bathroom. Seafoam green-ish blue to white.
And I have the battle sweat and war paint to prove that I worked my butt off to get these bathrooms done! 
Most of the work has been done since I got home from Georgia. I made sure to paint and re-do the cabinets in 2 bathrooms. I had a contractor do the finish work in the master bathroom. I painted ceilings in the bathrooms. I am beyond exhausted {and it didn't hit me until today...and it hit me hard!} so I think I'm going to sleep for a very, very long time! Oh wait...I have 2 kids, so I'll just catch up on sleep a few minutes at a time!

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