Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The only thing I wanted for sure for the 4th of July was fireworks. I didn't care how or where, I just wanted to have something for the kids to get excited about. {Of course, any type of fourth food is fabulous, so there were no complaints coming from me about any of that!} Dad and I found some fireworks at Sams Club when we were grocery shopping when I first got in town and I was excited that it meant we wouldn't have to sit in traffic or crowds to see any of the fireworks displays around town.
The food was amazing. Pop made ribs and corn on the cob. With Mimi around we weren't going to get away without having watermelon. Grandma made sure to bring the desserts and we were set!
Most of the fireworks we had were just the kind that stay close to the ground and shower, but the kids absolutely loved that, so that was all we needed!

Grandpa had some old Roman Candles and some loud "boom" fireworks that he brought over, so we did get to look to the sky for a few of our fireworks. He and my Dad even timed a few of the loud ones to go off at the same time, so that was a real treat.
My time was spent lighting the sparklers. We got them at Sams, so we ended up with 480 of them. We hardly put a dent in the stash that we have. I think we'll get to play with sparklers every time we come to visit Mimi and Pop until my kids are grown and going to college. Eden absolutely loved these, but Hunter only liked them from afar. 
 We had a great time with lots of family for the 4th! Both sets of grandparents were here with my kids and all of my dad's siblings were here with their spouses. We couldn't have asked for a better evening to celebrate the US of A - except if we could have spent it with Daddy!!

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