Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When Lane left for deployment, he left behind one of his flight suits. Why he did it is beyond me, but I sent it out to him. Luckily for us super heroes are in! What better theme for a box than a super hero theme!

This is one of the pictures that came in a roll of pictures of superheroes. It was great distraction on the plane to Georgia. It was also great for restaurants and general entertainment for the kids.
Captain America! 
More entertainment from the airplane. The superhero pages are stickers that the kids put on the city-scape to decorate it. The Superman magnet is the one that Eden painted, and I let Hunter paint his before putting it in the box. The Batman hook I just thought was fun. We were told that the 3M hooks were great for having over there because he can hang towels, uniforms, and other things along those lines on them.
I got this picture from Lane with the caption of, "where Batman hangs his cape now."

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