Sunday, July 7, 2013

Motherhood Is...{27}

I am blessed by an awesome family!

Being a military family only adds to the hardships of having extended family being far away. Between Lane and I we have family in Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and other states I'm sure! 

While we were in Georgia these past 2 weeks we've seen more family than I've ever seen since my wedding. We saw Lane's Aunt Jeanine, Parker and Sara, my sister and 4 of her children, Aunt Nana and Uncle Papa, my Uncle Richard and Aunt Audrey, my Aunt Nancy and  Uncle Lenny, my Aunt Bettye and Uncle Tom, my cousin Pat and his wife, my cousin Samantha and her kids and lots of friends too! 

The phrase "it takes a village to raise children" came true while we were in Georgia. Different people driving home some of the things that I tell Eden on a daily basis {when I ask you to do something, you need to do it type of things.} It's always a good thing when someone else tells her the same things that I've been trying and trying and trying to get her to understand. Hunter and Eden were so excited to have people play with them, spoil them, and love on them while we've been here. I am blessed that this trip was a whirlwind of people coming and going throughout the entire 2 weeks so that we could see so many people...and now I need a nap! ha ha

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