Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back At It

Now that we're home, we're busy getting back into our "normal" routine. Life back at home has been a bit of an adjustment. Not a bad one, just tiring! I had so many extra hands to help me out when we were in Georgia that now we're trying to get used to doing it alone again. The kids are learning that they can't get what they want at the drop of a hat. If I'm busy, requests have to wait, there's no one around to help them right then and there. I'm also having to remember to go to bed early {yeah right} because my mornings don't consist of taking the kids down to Mimi and Pop and going back to bed until 9 or 10 anymore! We're learning it all over again, and we're adjusting well. 
I'm back into my running routine - I have to! I have another half marathon that is just one month away. My shoes are being discontinued, so I had to stock up while they are still around. One pair is old, 2 are current, and the box is brand new!
The kids are having to get used to the time difference again! 

When we left the plums weren't ripe enough to eat, but now they are! Eden wakes up from her nap {or comes down from her "rest time"} asking for a plum. She goes outside and picks them for her and Hunter.
I've been doing some yard work since my house is so clean inside. I pruned the palm trees and cut the grass this week.
Hunter was walking along the wall in the back yard and took a pretty good spill. He scraped his nose and mouth. The night before he was leaning on the shower door and it opened on him. When it opened he fell onto the metal door frame for the shower with a bare bum. He's got a pretty good bruise to show for that fall. I think he's having to get used to being back home with our normal hazards!
We made a trip to the zoo with friends. The lions, elephants, and the gorillas were out having fun! We also made a stop at the splash pad in the safari park while we were there. That part makes the day worth it because it isn't so hot when you get to play in the water.
The beach is becoming one of our favorite things to do. There's a really nice beach about 30 minutes from home and the kids are loving it more and more every time we go. I'm getting used to the idea of sand and I'm not hating it as much as I once did. {Hunter was eating cherries, not bleeding!}
I keep the rocking chair {and other various items} on the couch when we aren't home to help keep the dogs off the couch. Hunter thought it looked like a fun place to sit and have his banana bread for breakfast...
On a day that she "wasn't tired" according to her.

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