Friday, July 12, 2013

Goin' to the Chapel

Our trip to Georgia was full of connecting with family and friends from near and far. More exciting, though, was being able to start really celebrating Parker and Sara. We got to go to their engagement party that a friend of theirs hosted. It was a great, laid back, BBQ type of party. We celebrated their engagement to each other and their upcoming wedding.

The next weekend we got to celebrate Parker and Sara by having their first wedding shower. I found some great cupcake toppers on clearance at Target that were too good to pass up. They were anchors, and since Parker is in the Navy it was a perfect fit. Then I went to Michaels to get things to make the banner and some other decorations and I found some awesome red ribbon with anchors on it. It was fate, it had to be. I used the ribbon on the chip baskets and the cupcake tower and then Pat used the left over ribbon to make bows for some corsages that she made for Sara and her mom. 
Party details: Food table, "Parker and Sara" banner on the mantel where the gifts were opened, red roses and a picture of the couple as the center piece, "please come in" banner on the front door, and the cupcakes and the cupcake tower.
We didn't do any games, just chit chat, eating, and gifts. It was a perfect shower if I do say so myself!
The company that we had at the shower couldn't have been better. Sara had her bridal party and we invited the cousins and our side of the family too.

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