Sunday, July 14, 2013

Georgia On My Mind

Throughout our trip to Georgia we did a lot of random fun things. I tried to make sure to capture most of it as we went along, but before long my tired, mommy brain took over! Here are most of the moments that I captured.

Leavin' on a jet plane!
We landed and had a delicious dinner at the Varsity!

We missed the family trip to the beach, but Barney was at Aunt Nanna and Uncle Papa's house, so we borrowed it for a few rides around the neighborhood.
Lunch at Summit Chase after Hunter's first haircut.
3am...this was after being awake for 2 hours.
Eden with the goodies from the Peachtree expo
The fountains at Centennial Olympic Park after the expo.

Cousin sleepover. Noah was on the couch our of view of the camera and made sure I couldn't snap a picture of him. Eden only lasted through the movie. After the movie was over, Alyssa marched Eden - at her request - back up to our room to sleep in her spot.
Eden in her pretty dress for the wedding in October

I can't go to Georgia without a trip to Gigi's Cupcakes.
I told Eden she could play in the rain...and then it stopped. I made up for it by giving them a bucket of soapy water.
Eden, Pop, Hunter, Mimi, Aunt Bettye, Uncle Tom, Uncle Richard, and Aunt Audrey cheering on the Red Knight!
My life these days. Wouldn't trade it for anything...except maybe to have Lane around too!
Jason, Eden, Hunter, and Lexi. 
Hunter at the trampoline park.
Eden wouldn't stand still long enough for a picture.
Caroline, Owen, Samantha, Hunter, me, and Eden at the trampoline park.
Leah came over with her parents.
Hunter was tired.
One of his refusals for sleep.
Getting ready to get on our plane to head home. Only a 3 hour delay and a maintenance issue before getting off the ground!
Good friends helping to make sure we came home to a clean house - inside and out - and feeding us for breakfast!

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