Monday, July 22, 2013

Motherhood Is...{29}

This week I am blessed at the fact that Hunter still has a slight bit of childhood innocence left in him.

Check out that little diaper bum looking into the "wa wa" at church this morning. I don't think we walked past a single person who didn't "awe" at the fact that he was walking through church with just a shirt, diaper, and shoes on. Yeah, he's still small enough to get away with it - lucky!

When is it that our kids grow out of this innocence. I might have an answer for about {almost} 17 months! My goodness! This kid already tries his best to defy me, to get his way, to be mean when he can. Yes, I know, my cute little baby "can't possibly be doing that already." But he is. He's starting to push boundaries. He's starting to {want to} say no. He's starting to lose his innocence. So, while I still have a grip on some of it, I'm holding on! Today, walking out of church, I was reminded how little he still is - even if he is trying to grow up while I'm not looking.

If Eden hadn't had her underwear covered people would have stood to the side and pointed and whispered. But since it was the "baby," it was allowed that he didn't have on pants. Same goes with throwing a temper tantrum. The other day in Target {we're always in Target when things like this happen! You think I'd learn my lesson...but Target draws me in every. single. time!} Eden wanted a cake pop from Starbucks. I said she could have it after dinner if I got it, but that wasn't good enough...enter biggest tantrum {that my kids would NEVER throw - in my mind...before having kids of my own...} now! I sat in the frozen food section with my kids, tucked away from everyone else in the store, and said to Eden, "people don't want to hear this from a 3 year old. They expect this type of behavior from your brother. He's one." Yes, people expect that from a 1 year old...but not a 3 year old. Oh my...

Since Hunter hasn't hit 2 yet, he's allowed to act like a crazy person and {at a totally unrelated event} walk around without pants? He sure is! He still has a TEENY bit of innocence left in him. Eden is expected to know better {how unfair} and Hunter is allowed to have socially unacceptable behaviors when Eden and I can't? Fine. I'll just hold on to that innocence for as long as I can! Eden and I can suffer together because we're not allowed to throw tantrums {though we both do - usually at the same time - on opposite sides of the battle field} and we must wear pants in public {you're welcome!}

This is one of those "cherish the moment" deals with Hunter. I know he won't be this age for long. I know I won't be able to get away with him running around church in his diaper, his shirt, and his shoes for much longer. But while I can, I will! I'll let him be that cute, innocent toddler running around naked at church that everyone is "ohh"-ing and "ahhh"-ing over, while Eden and I walk out holding hands...because she still needs me and she still wants me! She has an even teenier bit of innocence than he does...but it's still there!

Oh, sweet innocence of childhood, please don't leave! I want my kids to need and want me forever. Bust since they can't, I'll just be blessed by it while I have it!

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