Saturday, July 6, 2013


When I was growing up my dad would participate in the Peachtree Road Race. I remember the excitement about him getting a bib number, watching the race, and the best part was that he always brought hot donuts home for us after the race. When I was old enough to participate, we joined in the fun. I know I've run at least 4 or 5 of the races over the years and I was excited to get a bib number this year.

Over the years the race has become so popular that there is a lottery to enter to get a bib number. Of course there are ways to get a guaranteed number, but for non VIP people like me the lottery is the only way to go. I entered the lottery because I knew that Lane would be gone for the 4th, and I thought there was no harm in just seeing what happened. I got lucky! I was one of the 60,000 people chosen to get a bib number. This was my first traveling race as a runner. I feel like I can officially join in the "runners" club!

The friend I was supposed to run with ended up dealing with some pretty nasty morning sickness {how exciting is that?!} and so she bowed out for pregnancy related issues. Can you believe that? I mean, the nerve - just kidding! My niece found out that my running buddy had to back out, so she said that she would run with me. I was pumped to have a running partner for the race.

When we went down to the race we made sure to take lots of pictures as we went along.

Course and elevation map. I sent this to Lauren so she would know what she had agreed to! She had only run 6 miles once in her life before the race, and that was 2 weeks prior. I'm proud of her for her accomplishment!
At the beginning. We were still just hoping that it didn't rain on us, but excited that the sun wasn't beating down on us!
This man was in front of us at the start. He was wearing one of his prized Peachtree shirts with a sign on the back that said that he was running his 32nd Peachtree in a row!
As our wave approached the start line, the flag was overhead.
These were the people behind me when I crossed the finish line....
...and these were the people in front of me! My finish time was 1:06:05 and Lauren's was 1:06:15 - only a 50 second difference between us, but 1,000 people difference according to the official race numbers! I couldn't believe it!
Because of all the rain in Georgia recently, there was quite a bit of mud. Where we were standing used to be grass.

Hot and ready!
Our numbers with our reward! 
The shirt changes every year and is voted on by people in Atlanta. The shirt is your prize, your medal, your pride and joy for finishing the race. This is the winning shirt for finishers this year!
Can you tell where the uphills were?

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