Saturday, July 20, 2013


A lot of the times when guys get deployed they grow mustaches. Lane is no exception to this rule - though I wish he was! He started his "statue," as Eden calls it {because she heard it refered to as a "stache"}, soon after his arrival in country and has since then become a stranger to our eyes! His mustache grew over night! I mean, one day he didn't have one, and the next it looked like a caterpillar was crawling across his face. It wasn't just that it grew was black and it was thick. Needless to say, I am hoping he doesn't come home with this unsightly thing on his face! Here is the story of Boris - the "statue"...

Look at that sweet, sweet baby face! No hair {well, sort of} and so handsome!
And then Boris started showing his ugly face. He came on strong! {This is just a few days in}
A few more days and Boris is getting more and more bold. {Lane was frustrated because we had a bad connection when we were talking, thus the weird expression.}
Boris is getting darker!

And there you have it, full on Boris. He came on that strong in a month! He had to be groomed and he was selfish. He stole all the attention when any conversations were going on. He eventually started stealing food from Lane {and that's where Lane drew the line and said he had to go...thank goodness for that!}
Boris was taking over our lives in every way! Even Hunter wanted to look like Daddy. He ate a chocolate cupcake and tried out Boris Jr. for a bit.
I know Lane misses Boris, so I made a memorial for him. I'm going to add the other names that were talked about. Oh yeah, there was a vote to name the mustache! And when Lane shaved it off one of the other guys slid a note under Lane's door that just said, "murderer," because he was upset that Lane got rid of Boris.
I just thought this was funny. When we went to story time this past Monday, this was the book that was on display as we walked in. I thought it was perfect for Lane!
So, Boris is gone for now. I'm crossing my fingers that Boris doesn't make a return because I love Lane's face without him. Here's hoping...we still have months left in this deployment, so who knows if we'll see Boris again!

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