Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Every year it is tradition for all Marines to attend a Birthday Ball to celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps. This year because of our move we had to miss out on the ball and all of its fun that it entails. Since we missed the ball we decided we should at least celebrate the birthday by having some cake at home. Part of the ceremony at the ball is the cutting of the cake. The youngest Marine in attendance gets a slice and so does the oldest Marine. This is all ceremonial and then after the ceremony and after the guest speaker all in attendance get some cake. At our cake cutting ceremony Lane got to be the oldest and the youngest!

Happy 236th Birthday USMC!
Who's chubby little finger is reaching for the "cookie?"
She's so excited that it's someone birthday so we can get cake!
Blowing out the "canles."

She reached right up and took a cookie off the cake!

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