Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 2

We're back in the car and the DVD player has become our favorite thing by far. I always swore I wouldn't have one, but its already been a life saver in more than one meltdown. Eden isn't feling the car today. As soon as I opened the door to her seat she started wiggling and screaming because she didn't want to get in.

Last night Eden was so excited in the hotel room that we didn't think we were going to be able to get her to sleep. Sleep for her was a must because she didn't take much of a nap in the car. She did nap {and without her paci!} But it was only about 30-45 minutes. We didn't get her in bed and asleep until about 10:30 which is WAY past her bed time. I guess we'll just know that we will be getting her in bed late for the next few nights.

Waking up early today has meant that Eden {and us too} have had a late night and an early morning. I am really feeling th lack of sleep for sure, so I know she is too. She wants her milk, but doesn't. She wants her water but she doesn't. She wants a movie but says bye bye to it when it's on. She's currently in the back seat yelling "night night" with her duck and she has hr pillow over her face. Here's hoping this isn't the only nap she takes today and we make it out of Texas sometime soon - yes, we're still in Texas. I told you the state was huge and I wasn't kidding!

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