Monday, October 31, 2011

Riding Along

Today marks the day we leave Corpus {but not Texas because the state is HUGE}. I can't say its too sad of a day. I already miss the friends we've left behind, but so excited about this adventure {now that its begun, finally!}

We were supposed to have our house inspection at 9:30 this morning, but they let us spot clean some of the "messy" portions of the house and they came back. We ended up only having to forfiet a small portion of our deposit so we were happy about that. Every time we thought we were ready for the inspection there were "just a few items" to take out to the cars. In the end I think we made about a thousand trips to get all of our things out and shoved into any empty space we could find in the cars. There isn't an inch of unused space in the cars and we're all crammed on top of one another with the dogs too.

I was so excited that we were getting on the road when I had expected because this NEVER happens with our family. We're late to just about anything we do. Well, I thought we were on time anyways. I forgot that we needed to drop off our internet modem, go to the post office, get lunch, weigh our cars, go to Pep Boys, and get gas before we could officially get on the road. We got it all done and as I write this we're about halfway through our first of 3 legs of our journey to California. We should get to our hotel tonight with just enough time to get clothes out for tonight/tomorrow and hop into bed and do it all over again tomorrow...and the next day! I'm tired just thinking about it all.

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