Saturday, October 8, 2011


Tonight after dinner, Eden and I set out for our evening walk. I usually let her ride in her wagon, but tonight she wanted to walk. So, with a toy in each hand we set out and she was walking by my side...and then riding on my shoulders...then walking...then being carried. You get the idea, as much as she thought she wanted to walk, she didn't really want to walk all that badly!

As we turned the corner from our block, we saw a firetruck. We got closer to the firetruck {which was parked across the street in the hotel parking lot} and I decided to walk her over to see it. The truck's lights were off so I figured they weren't on a call and therefore we wouldn't be getting in the way of anything. I also figured there wouldn't be a threat of the siren or horn to scare her.

While we made our circle around the truck one of the firemen saw us - uh oh, we're in trouble now! But not really! He told me that he could turn the truck on and lights so Eden could see!! We got our very own firetruck tour. They let her sit in the driver seat, hold the helmet {she wouldn't let me put it on her}, look at all the lights and even hold their hand-held radio. She was shy while we were there - I couldn't believe it - but when we started walking away she talked about the "yites," the "tuck," and the hat. She was so excited about her personal tour.

I'm sure you're dying for a picture...I didn't take my camera. It was just supposed to be another evening walk! I also didn't take my cell phone with us, but it wouldn't have mattered, the battery was dying and it wouldn't have let me take pictures anyways. Doesn't mean I'm not bummed about not having a picture of it though.

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