Saturday, October 22, 2011

Carving Away

We went ahead and carved Eden's pumpkin the other day. We decided that since We'll be in the process of moving next week and since we leave town on Halloween morning, so much of Eden's halloween season is going to be rushed through. She loves pumpkins so I wanted to give her a chance to enjoy her pumpkin to its fullest ability! That of course includes carving her pumpkin that she picked out.
October 21 - This is how our morning started. Eden refusing to cooperate and saying "no" to everything we offered her - fun or not!
Eden, ready with her scooping spoons to dig out the seeds. Just have to wait for Daddy to open 'er up!
Digging in (Daddy now has a spoon, not a knife!)
This look says it all, "I can't believe I let them talk me into this!"
Pulling out one. seed. at. a. time!

Yucky high fives!
Daddy did such a great job with the pumpkin. Eden loves to look inside of it.
She's holding cinnamon because we rubbed the inside of it with that and pumpkin pie spice so when there's a burning candle in the pumpkin it smells good!
Proud family with the pumpkin!
And this is how the day ended. I guess she needed to check her email and look at facebook!

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