Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Much, Too Fast

As if my biggest dilemma last night of losing my baby wasn't enough {and I cried as I got in bed at the thought of it!} Eden "grew up" a little more today. We were out and about this morning {bank for escrow on the house - YAY, story time, Home Depot, and JoAnn for pillow forms for Eden's room} and when we got in the car Eden said "poop." I tried telling her that since we were in the car and she had on a diaper that she could just go. That seemed to work and I was happy because she didn't pitch a fit.

After being out all morning {and drinking apple cider and a smoothie} my first stop once we got home was the potty, so Eden wanted to go too! I of course checked her diaper before just whipping it off since I thought there'd be a gift in there from the car, but nope, just a wet diaper. We took her diaper off, she got a book, and she sat on the potty. She finished her book and wanted another one, so she stood up to get it {I guess she feels like she might fall forward if she sits and gets another one from her bucket} and I couldn't believe my eyes! THERE WAS POOP IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got excited, told her she did a great job and she looked at it like it was an alien with 5 heads - but didn't get scared of it like I thought she might.

She didn't want to sit back on the potty after seeing her stuff, so we wiped and called it a day. I put it in the big potty and showed her that it was gone so that she knew it wasn't going to stay and stare at her, or whatever she thought it might do. She got to flush the potty and say bye bye to the poop and she was actually very excited to do so. After she finished saying bye bye I got out her "potty stamp" and showed it to her and you would have thought I told her she won a million dollars! She was SO excited to see the stamp and I put it on her hand and she just adored it! I wish there was a camera to capture the moment she saw me get that down!

After her great potty experience today it was nap time {without the paci} and she went down semi-ok. After I left her room she was talking to herself as she was falling asleep. I loved listening to her today because she kept saying "yay poop" and "night night" while she was up there all by herself. It took her a little longer to fall asleep today than it normally does, but she did a great job of getting those tired eyes to close.

All in all - I've had a pretty emotional less-than-24-hours! Breaking Eden of the paci, poop on the potty...what next? Drivers license?! I'm not ready for her to grow up!!!

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